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Wheel Strap Wheel Straps (Wheel Nets)
EZ Instructions for use On Car Dollies

Our Car Dolly Wheel Straps are designed to fit very small tires up to large recreational 37″ tires. Also we can modify them if needed. They are designed similar to a lariat with a loop on the adjusting end. 

All pieces are movable around the strap so may be placed wherever needed. In most cases the proper adjustment would be to adjust the harness so it fits over the top of the tire comfortably with side of strap near top part of wheel. This is not critical but is important that enough of tire is covered so harness cannot slip off tire.

Hold metal hook with open end facing away from dolly and hook under the bar or device specifically designed for the strap hook. (when the hook is fastened correctly there is less likeliness of the hook coming loose).

Pull up on the strap near the hook and start pulling the slack out, working excess slack up and over top of tire. Pull on both sides of the strap inside and outside of the tire to insure proper fitting and tension when done.

Remember strap pieces may be moved around wherever needed so they can be easily fitted. Position the straps nearest center of the tire where the hook falls from the tire and where the strap in front of tire will need to be for the ratchet.

The crossover piece or pieces attached to main harness are designed to help secure the tire properly and to help harness maintain desired position to function properly. This cross piece or pieces should be approximately in center over top of tire from side to side of tire.

Pull slack out by hand and insert end of the strap into the ratchet or in some cases, adjustment bar attached to ratchet.
Put strap in ratchet or adjustment bar enough to pull slack out, leaving enough slack in the strap to wrap around ratchet or adjustment bar a Minimum of two wraps insuring the strap cannot pull loose.

Begin tightening the ratcheting mechanism until tension begins then grab strap and pull downward helping to settle slack in harness. Continue to turn the ratchet until there is sufficient tension on straps.
Check the strap in the back where hook is attached to make sure there is a reasonable amount of tension.

Using Ratchets:

Most ratchets are about the same that are used for the 2” webbing.

Some have an extra locking system and is released by squeezing handle and pulling slightly on ratchet handle. This puts ratchet in the cranking mode allowing the ratchet to be turned to tighten straps.

To release ratchet squeeze handles together and pull handle as far away in the cranking position as possible. At this point there is usually tension from the strap being tight and it is usually best to get another grip on the handles ( this gives you more leverage) and then push handle in release position until strap gives way. Ratchet should be able to lock in the release position and allow the strap to pull freely from the ratchet or adjustment mechanism.

Tips: Check straps frequently. When nylon and polyester get wet especially they tend to stretch! Check for wear and tear and replace when needed. Frayed edges and ends can sometimes be repaired by heating them with a heat gun, open concentrated flame or lighter… Oil ratchet mechanism periodically for easier proper functioning of ratchet system.

Warning:! Do NOT take chances if you are unsure what you are doing or the condition of your straps.


Wheel Straps (Wheel Nets)

Made from Premium Materials for Strength and Reliability!
Standard (per pair) + shippingand handling
$55.00 Deluxe (per pair) + shippingand handling

Our Standard Wheel Nets will fit almost any size tire up to 37in.

  • 6500lb Load Rating
  • Single Top Strap
  • Permium Materials
  • Weather Resistant
  • 2in Wide
  • Fully Adjustable up to 37in Tire
  • Easy to Use

Our Deluxe Wheel Nets will fit almost any size tire up to 37in all terrain tires (custom sizes available, contact us for details).

  • 6500lb Load Rating
  • Double Top Straps for added tire strap down
    security and longer wear
  • Permium Materials
  • Weather Resistant
  • 2in Wide
  • Fully Adjustable up to 37in Tire
  • Easy to Use
  • Custom Sizes Available