American Car Dolly
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Delivering the Worlds Most Practical/Usable Car Dollies since 1994.

Useful Tips about Car Dollies”

1. We do not suggest removing any air from the tires when towing it empty.

2. Always use the safety chain from the towing vehicle to the tow dolly.

3. Check the tension on your Wheel Nets (Wheel Straps) frequently when towing.

3. Grease your hubs, oil your ratchets, and check your tire pressure every 5-10,000 miles.

4. American Car Dollies can be stored and moved around easily. You can store the car dolly under the rear of your motor home up to the fenders leaving only about 3’ extending out. This allows you to still have plenty of room to park your car in your RV space.

5. American Car Dolly can be pushed backward into a garage with the fenders toward the wall leaving enough room to still park most vehicles in an average garage.

If you do not understand something about your car dolly please call us. It’s not worth the risk or the harm it could incur by taking chances.

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Useful Facts about Car Dollies”

American Car Dollies are one of the Safest, most Practical, Cost efficient ways to tow a vehicle.

A swivel tow dolly is the most preferable and easiest on the vehicle being towed because it relieves the pressure on your vehicles front end and sub-frame when turning. It prevents tweaking your front end or chopping the tires (tow bars tend to eat up tires). Also, using a car dolly eliminates the possibility of your tires not returning which can happen when using a tow bar.

If your Car Dolly has Brakes, then your legal and do not have to purchase other expensive equipment to satisfy state brake laws.

Swivel Car Dollies allow you to tow front wheel drive cars and most rear wheel drive vehicles (backwards). However, be very careful when towing in this manner as you need proper tongue weight.
This can be accomplished by placing heavy items such as luggage, spare tires, tools, sandbags etc. toward rear of vehicle over tongue of the dolly (when towing a vehicle backward).

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