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EZ Brake SET Up (Assistant recommended)

1. Plug trailer into EZ Brakes box then plug harness from EZ brakes into tow vehicle. Use appropriate adapter when necessary.

2. Start tow vehicle and have an assistant depress and hold brakes. Brake lights MUST be on to properly set EZ Brake adjustment.  (Tow vehicle must be running because voltage changes when vehicle is running)

3. Check back of trailer or tow dolly and make sure brake lights are functioning properly.  If not, test plug to see if all terminals are working. If power is working properly through plug (you can see if trailer lights are all functioning properly) then turn ON/OFF switch on side of EZ Brakes box ON.  Button should be pushed in at top.  Down position is OFF.

4. Open lid on top of EZ Brakes box and place finger on gain wheel and turn upward lightly until wheel stops. LED indicator light on control box should be green at this point. (Remember, brake lights must be on and vehicle running).  Turn wheel toward bottom of box until LED light turns red.  At this point brakes are being activated and usually about another 1/8 turn (1/8”) downward  is sufficient but may vary depending on weight of trailer and load being towed.  Adjustment can be made accordingly so trailer brakes do not lock up when towing. 

5. Close lid on box and test brakes by moving vehicle on non-slick surface (usually pavement) and applying brakes.  If brakes lock up or skid, then adjustment needs to be made by turning gain wheel upward away from bottom of box until this does not occur.

WARNINGS / Tips and Proper use of EZ Brakes :
Trailer brakes are designed to ASSIST the tow vehicle towing a trailer, NOT to stop the tow vehicle.  Improper use will result in excessive abnormal wear and tear on trailer brakes and possibly heating drums, brakes and bearings to a dangerous temperature resulting in damage and failure of brakes, bearings, spindles and unnecessary damage to trailer or cargo being hauled. 



EZ Brakes 
EZ Brake Mounting Instructions

EZ Brakes may be mounted on your trailer or tow vehicle but must be mounted where the trailer wiring is sufficient length to plug into EZ Brakes box and the harness from EZ Brakes Controller can be plugged into towing vehicle’s harness. Use appropriate adapter when necessary.
EZ Brakes box may be mounted in any position. 

Secure EZ Brake Controller box to your trailer or tow vehicle with self-tapping screws, bolts, nylon quick ties or any other secure means. Control Box Mounting Bracket is included; designed to fit over a frame jack but may also be used to mount on frame etc.

Important:  Make sure your tow vehicle is properly wired for lights and has an accessory wire (optional). The position of the ground wire varies, the center pole on a 6 or 7 way plug is NOT the proper ground position in a standard wiring schematic.

for EZ Brakes Control (External Brake Control)

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