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“EZ Brakes” Brake ControlOpenBrake




EZ Brakes 
Worlds Fastest, Most Convenient External Brake Control!
For Tandem or Single Axle Trailers With Electric brakes

for EZ Brakes Control (External Brake Control)

  • Used for towing one or two axle trailers
  • Easy to mount
  • Easily moved from one trailer to another
  • Powered by your existing brakes lights
  • Replaces the need for expensive under the dash
    brake control
  • No special wiring needed
  • Weather resistant outer box
  • All necessary hardware included
  • 5th Wheel or camper charging wire
  • Thousands of satisfied customers

Developed in 1998 by American Car Dolly and tested hard by us, RV dealers, trailer dealers, rental services, and thousands
of satisfied customers.

EZ Brakes were developed to replace the need for costly ‘under the dash’ mounted brake control systems and avoid the possibility of shorting out computers, air bags, or other electrical components in their vehicles.

EZ Brakes includes a charging wire or power wire for fifth wheel campers, RV trailers, cargo trailers etc.

EZ Brakes easily mounts on the trailer or jack and can be secured safely by self-tapping screws (included), bolts, or heavy nylon quick ties.

EZ Brakes has a brake control module inside a weather resistant box that can be mounted in any position within reach of the towed vehicle and trailer.  Brakes get power from the two brake lights of the tow vehicle.  EZ Brakes also has an external switch mounted on side of box to shut power off to brakes when not needed eliminating having to adjust brake control constantly, for example, when trailer does not have a load on it.

The convenience of our EZ Brakes control is that;

  • No special wiring is needed.
  • Customers aren’t delayed by having thier tow vehicle tied up in a shop while having a brake control mounted
  • trailer can be towed behind any vehicle that is properly wired for trailer lights

Get on the road immediately with functional brakes with no risk of damaging any components inside your tow vehicle…